Beyonce Spoof Reveals Bad Theology!

Beyonce Unhurt After Stray Bullet Miraculously Hits Passerby Instead

This great bit of satire from the always on target The Onion gives us an opportunity to look at ourselves when we say how “blessed” or “lucky” we are.  Beyonce, we are told, was very lucky when a stray bullet miraculously hits a passerby instead of her.  Of course the clip says nothing of the passerby’s lucky, focusing instead on a small bruise Beyonce got when the victim fell on her.  How often do we talk about how blessed or lucky we are without considering the implications for others.  Are we blessed by our comfortable standard of living if it comes at the expense of poverty inducing cheap labor in the developing world?  Does God bless some of us at the expense of others?  What does this say about God?  A great opportunity to share a good laugh and look at ourselves and our God.  What do you think?

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