An Introduction to Sermonating

Sermonating: A group process in which communities of people enter discussions that lead to the preparation and delivery of sermons.  Following the delivery of a sermon the discussion continues as feedback and critiques are offered.  I intend to post prompts, questions or observations,in advance of sermons I am contemplating.  I invite responses to these questions and observations and hope that the discussions that evolve will lead to sermons that communicate a sense of the community’s issues, concerns, thoughts, feelings and identity.  I intend to prepare sermons based on these discussions, but also encourage others to draw from this material in sermon preparation.

I am the pastor at South Church in New Britain, Connecticut, and hope that those that can will come hear these sermons delivered in worship, then offer their reflections and critique.  Those who cannot attend worship at South Church may find the texts of sermons on the South Church website .  I’m new at blogging and will no doubt stumble as I try to make use of this medium, but I invite you to come stumble along with me.  Let’s go!

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