Follow the Happy People, and Be One!

Two recent studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison reveal that “people who attend Sunday worship not only feel better during the time they are in church, but they are happier throughout the week than non-churchgoers.”

Talking about her faith and experience in the United Methodist Church, actress Pauley Perrette (Abby on NCIS) affirms these findings in a video she made for UMTV . Perrette describes her real estate agent as the happiest person she knows. After not having had much connection with church, and going through a difficult time in her life, she describes waking up one morning and saying, “You know, I think I’m gonna go to that church where the happy guy goes!” There’s a lot there! Like the studies,  Perrette’s experience concludes, come to church and be happier. Her experience also suggests that happiness  (and love) serve as invitations to church!

Some people are paralyzed when they hear they the word “evangelism,” thinking it means they need to be something or someone they aren’t. Quite the opposite. Perrette wasn’t drawn to church by an invitation to “be saved.” Rather, she saw something in her realtor that she wanted too, and associated that with his attendance at church.

So what does that imply for evangelism? First, come to church and be happier. Next, let that light shine for all to see. Then, don’t be shy about letting people know you attend church. Led by the Spirit, they will make the connections between church and happiness for themselves!

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