Julleh’t Soma

Maureen Abraham shares some great remembrances of Lent and her Assyrian grandmother under the “Brewing of Soma” post.  Soma, Maureen says, is the Assyrian word for fast, and Julleh’t Soma is a pastry (like an Assyrian calzone) that was served 20 days into a 40 day Lenten fast.  Read Maureen’s comments for more for more about Julleh’t Soma and Assyrian Lenten traditions (click here to read Maureen’s comments).

Maureen mailed me this recipe for Julleh’t Soma.  I am no good at making yeasted dough, so if there are any bakers out there that would like to give this a try let me know.

Julleh’t Soma

Dough:                                    Fillings:

1 cup warm water                  ¼ cup walnuts

1 T. honey                                ½ 15 oz. can kidney beans

1 T. yeast                                   ½ 15 oz. can chickpeas

3 cups all purpose flour          ½ small onion minced

½ cup whole wheat flour        2 tsp. dried basil

½ tsp salt                                   ½ tsp. salt

¼ cup olive oil                          1 tsp paprika

1 T. sesame seeds                      2 ½ T. tahini

Dough:  Pour water, honey and yeast into a mixing bowl and mix until the yeast dissolves.  Mix in 1 cup of all purpose flour, using an electric mixer.  Mix in the remaining flour and salt.  Add olive oil and mix for 2 additional minutes.  Knead the dough by hand for 1 minute.  Cover the dough with a towel and place in a warm location for 1 hour.  After the hour has elapsed, punch down the dough to deflate.  Allow the dough to rest, covered, for 2 additional hours.

Filling:  Place walnuts in a food processor and mix until finely chopped.  Drain the kidney beans and chickpeas.  Reserve the kidney beans liquid.  Add beans and chickpeas to the food processor and pulse until mashed.  Add the remaining filling ingredients and mix thoroughly.

Preheat oven to 450 degrees F.

Assembly: Separate dough into 3 portions.  Roll each portion into a 10″ circle on a floured surface.  Spread 1/3 of the filling over half of each circle.  Fold the dough over the filling and press the edges together to seal.  Transfer to a greased baking sheet.  Poke holes on the tops of the pies with a fork.  Brush the tops with the reserved kidney beans liquid.  Sprinkle with sesame seeds.  Bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown.  Cool before slicing.

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